Gears before Gas Nitriding

Use Gas Nitriding for great results

The original Gas Nitride process is a “low temperature” furnace treatment with an atmosphere of Ammonia.

The Nitriding process is an established and successful means of generating a hard case on a component. 
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We have extensive facilities located in Telford, our primary Nitriding plant, with additional facilities at our sites in Birmingham and Letchworth. Through our responsive transport network, we provide coverage to the whole of the UK.

Nitriding is a low temperature heat treatment process that diffuses Nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a hard surface layer. Additional important properties are also achieved including higher corrosion and abrasion resistance plus improved fatigue strength. The process is carried out within a nitrogen rich atmosphere at relatively low temperatures without the need to quench, parts remain 'clean' and 'distortion free'.

We offer several levels of service, depending on your requirements, to help you achieve a processing solution best suited to your needs. 

Nitriding from specialist metallurgists
With a wide variety of furnaces available, we are capable of handling a comprehensive range of product and batch size, from small series through to 10 Tonnes in weight, and sizes up to 4.2m long and up to 1.6m diameter. Our staff are expert in advising the characteristics achievable from all material types, from low alloy steels to high quality grade stainless steels and Inconel alloys.
Controlled Gas Nitrided Automotive Valve spring

Ultra consistent - Controlled Gas Nitriding

Controlled Gas Nitriding is a process which reduces the potential inconsistencies by creating a repeatable and reproducible Nitriding layer.

This is a relatively recent development of the original Gas Nitriding process, which provides an extended service life of parts due to the superior properties produced.

The control is a fully automated process control system which monitors key factors, such as :

         - Temperature
         - Time
         - Dissociation
         - K(Nitriding Potential)

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Talk with Jamie Payton our Plasma and Controlled Gas Nitriding specialist, including Aerospace and technical approval enquiries. 


Furnace Plasma Nitriding

Plasma Nitriding

Plasma Nitriding or Ion Nitriding  is a significant development of the original Nitriding process.

Plasma technology is primarily for stainless steel and other low alloy steels which are not suitable for a “standard” heat treatment processes.

The process uses a Plasma discharge of Hydrogen and Nitrogen gases both to heat the steel surfaces and to supply Nitrogen ions for Nitriding.