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Controlled Gas Nitrided Automotive Valve spring
Ultra consistent - controlled Gas Nitriding

Controlled Gas Nitriding is an automated process which largely removes human intervention and reduces the potential for inconsistency.

This is a relatively recent development of the original Gas Nitriding process, and control is from monitoring and taking automated action based on the following key factors:

TemperatureTime Dissociation atmosphere factors Kn Nitriding potential

Treatment of metal is within a “low temperature” furnace involving an atmosphere of Ammonia and/or Ammonia and Nitrogen which is now an established and successful process particularly important for Aerospace and high precision machined parts. Some companies closely equate this process to the Nitreg® process.

The “controlled gas Nitriding” process is to Nitriding as CNC is to “precision engineering”.

Also, suitable for various steels containing one or more of the following elements, including chromium, molybdenum, aluminium, titanium and vanadium.

The crucial benefits of the process are:
  • Closely controlled Temperature, Time and Dissociation levels lead to consistent and reliable hard diffusion layer on the component
  • Wear resistance
  • Ease of operation
  • No finish grinding required
  • Negligible growth of the metal substrate created by the hard layer Improved fatigue properties:
  • The process induces compressive stress, which improve fatigue strength Improved corrosion resistance
  • No reduction in the core hardness of the base metal or alloy of the component.
  • Completed on near finished components – ie, requiring very minor (or zero) lapping, polishing or grinding operation following the process.
  • The “white layer” produced by the process can be fully and accurately controlled.
  • The process is reliably consistent and repeatable for your desired results regardless of batch size.
  • Low temperature: 400°C to 590° C Flexibly applied – process duration modified according to the specification of the required final component properties.
  • Environmentally friendly compared to serious alternatives (e.g. chrome plating).
  • Clean for the component – leaving no surface contaminant or residue.
  • Suitable for various steels containing one or more of the following elements including molybdenum, chromium, aluminium, titanium, vanadium.
  • Predictable white layer thickness and phase composition with excellent uniformity of layer regardless of part geometry.
  • Repeatability of results due to optimised control of process parameters

Lab Metallography - polishing and grinding for inspection

Nitriding from specialist metallurgists

With a wide variety of furnaces available, we are capable of handling a comprehensive range of product and batch size, from small series through to 10 Tonnes in weight, and sizes up to 4.2m long and up to 1.6m diameter.
Our staff are expert in advising the characteristics achievable from all material types, from low alloy steels to high quality grade stainless steels and Inconel alloys.