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Aerospace gear teeth reliability improved
Pre Gas Nitrided gear

Following some critical tests, our Aerospace client had concerns over the potential for failure of some gears within a large gearbox. 

Our Aerospace client had run tests on a large number of gears that were designed to be used within the gearbox of a large piece of military equipment. The gears had been previously heat treated, and in many ways were performing exceptionally well – but, there were a number of exceptional and unusual circumstances in which failure could be possible – and they sought to avoid this risk.

When gear teeth are hardened, the Nitrogen is diffused into the metal (so creating the hard layer). If this occurs at the edge of a tooth, or corner the net result is that the corner can become brittle and prematurely fail. The potential for failure in the rare instance that a component would be working at the full extent of its normal life, meant that risk management sought to avoid such a potential event.

The possibility of a small piece of metal - which is exceptionally hard - to break off freely into the gearbox was very small - but not zero, and therefore the potential to cause a failure of the equipment existed. The uniform diffusion of Nitrogen is required throughout the furnace charge – but the actual degree of diffusion needs to be controlled to avoid potential problem of Nitride networks.
Sometimes this is problem is known as the “corner effect”.

Using computer control of the key properties of the process, plus the high levels of metallurgical skills of our staff, we deliver deep control of the Gas Nitriding process and control the intensity of the Nitrogen layer applied to the component. Over saturation of Nitrogen with the microstructure is avoided, and the potential risk of failure - specifically to the edges of the part – is also avoided.

Following tests, our client is delighted with the effect of the application of technology on the component and they have adopted the process widely. Aalberts Surface Technologies  are pleased to be able to use our systems, processes and skills to genuinely improve the quality of our clients business.
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