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Briquette manufacturer - extended life of a mould
Extended life of briquette mould press tool

A manufacturer produced large quantities of briquettes from both soft and hard materials.

All of these materials are abrasive, susceptible to creating dust (unless controlled carefully) and are manufactured in a continuous process.
The mould is comprised of two, specially jigged and precision engineered stainless steel tubes which roll together (similar to a printing press), with the briquette materials being pressed between them.  Where the tubes roll against each other, the tubes are cut out to form the shape of the briquette required.

To achieve the required density of the briquette, significant pressure is applied – this results in the abrasive material causing real damage to highly engineered parts, unless the surface is specially treated.

When the manufacturer first came to Aalberts Surface Technologies for assistance, these moulds worked well and produced around 10,000 briquettes (per cup) before attention was required. Machine down time was very expensive and they sought to avoid the frequent removal of the mould for repair or replacement.

Over a short period, our metallurgical specialists analysed and reviewed the options open for the manufacturer, and came up with a number of options for evaluation.

Based on return on investment, simplicity and minimal disruption, our recommendation was the precision engineered, completed moulds should be treated by Plasma Nitriding, on a 60 hour Nitriding cycle. This would improve the case hardness of the mould dramatically, so enabling the continual utilisation of the mould for up to eight times the working period, and keep the inside of the mould drum as untreated steel.

Now the manufacturer reports that the moulds deliver more than 100,000 briquettes before attention is required – a factor of 10 improvement, or 1,000%. We have been pleased to be able to provide the advice and metallurgical skills required to our customer, so resulting in a net reduction of their overall business costs.
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