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Double the strength of the crankshaft
crankshaft post Nitriding treatment

Our client – a major engine manufacturer, based in the UK – came to us with a simple request: “we need to turbo-charge our engine, and we need certainty that the crankshaft and other critical internal engine components can handle and transfer the extra 50% of power. What can you do?”

The engine was a 4 cylinder diesel injection, normally aspirated, 50 HP model. The Turbo-charger would take the delivered engine power up to 72HP at 3,000 revs per minute.

The crucial measure for the crankshaft was the “Maximum Survivable Bending Moment” (MSBM) was increased from 900Nm to 2000Nm – an increase of more than 120%.

In order to avoid a completely new design and testing of a new component for the engine, our clients wanted to use the existing crankshaft - but made much stronger.

From detailed analysis, our specialists determined that the base material of the strengthened crankshaft (42CrMoS4) could remain unchanged – but the existing surface treatment needed to significantly change - so that a hard diffusion layer would be applied onto the crank, of more than 0.55mm in depth.

The solution (the application of one of our specialist treatments –Gas Nitriding) the client has achieved an increase in the strength of the crankshaft of over 150%.
Our engineering and metallurgical skills have delivered to our client a dramatic increase in the performance and value of their engine, for only a fractional increase in cost.

This shows from working together with clients, improvements in performance can be achieved within tight budgets.
                 Another Aalberts Surface Technologies Heat service success.
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